Tuesday, 31 March 2009

Darren Shan #12-Sons of Destiny

I've read the last book of Darren Shan!
it's great! the ending in unpredicted! i never thought that darren shan would make it that way!
it's between good and bad. the good, that the goodness wins over evil, and bad, that darren shan died in the end of story.

the title should be Sons of Des Tiny actually. since Steve and Darren actually are the SONS of DESMOND TINY!!!
that's another shocking truth!

tales of the abyss goes to manga and anime!
that's great!
i really like Luke, and Guy too. but Asch--on my second playthrough i like him also. i can see that he's actually nice...
but but but! i like the ending. i hope the storyline isnt altered, i like that. the story is touching!

lastly, i hope the anime and manga goes to Indonesia soon!
really soon!


Monday, 30 March 2009

A lot of activities....

this month until next june i will be sooooo busy....
a lot of activities, competition, essay writing, exercise, expo... cant hardly breathe...
well i only hope that i will always have strength to do it.
at least i wont waver! i will not go down--same like Michael Heart's song!
never waver

well... anyway, i got good things too....
perhaps if i fail, i will try next year again and again....
wont go down so easy!
just you wait, try and see if you could make me fail!


Monday, 16 March 2009


kvetha fricaya!

finally i have n read the third cycle!
it's really amazing!
eragon acquire his new shadeslayer sword, yet, he has to lose another.
almost in the end of the book *SPOILER* oromis n glaedr died, they re killed by galbatorix, in order to get glaedr's eldunarì.
but too bad, glaedr have given it to eragon.

just keep fighting, eragon-finiarel.
everyone's on ur side!

keep the pace n write a wonderful book for the ending.
dont rush! take ur time!
atra du evarìnya ono varda, paolini-vodhr!