Saturday, 3 October 2009

Vote for SUPER JUNIOR!!!

pleasee!!!! vote on super junior although you dont know them...!!!! THEY need more 500voices!!!!

vote for super junior!!

cant let them win over ARASHI!!!


Monday, 6 July 2009

R. I. P. Michael Jackson

The death of Michael Jackson, King of Pop, remains a mystery. A lot of controversies he had when he was alive came along with his achievements in his music industry. On the day he died, June 25, until now people all over the world grief on his fate. How could this happen? It's only some months before his 'Come Back Concert' in London. His life had become controversy since he stepped on the entertainment world. His personal life didn't match up on his achievements in music. He had been committed crime of sexual harassment on children years ago (although the case couldn’t be proven up to now), his plastic surgery, his so-secret-personal-life for almost 10 years. Michael Jackson is a real legend.

The way he died became another problem rise on his death. People didn't believe he died of cardiac arrest. The autopsy said he died of overdose of painkiller. The media tend to give more additional seasoning on his death. Michael's relatives didn't give any comments to these problems, the custody of his three children, the loan he left ($23 million). His children had become problem to take care of.

According to his will, Michael demanded that his three children would go with his mother. But the L.A law said that they should go to their biological mother.
The other problem rise is the fact that he is a Moslem or not. The last comment by his brother, Jermaine Friday, a Moslem said, ‘May Allah guide his way’, tend to give the public assumption that Michael Jackson had become a Moslem. Moreover, a year ago came news said that Michael had become a Moslem and changed his name to Mikaeel and spotted in Bahrain using abaya (Moslem woman’s outfit).

This Tuesday, July 7, Michael would be buried in Staples Centre, Los Angeles, although in his will he wanted to be buried in Neverland—a land which was owned by Michael in St. Barbara. The supervisor has spread 11750 free tickets to the U.S citizen to watch the last ceremony for Michael Jackson. Nevertheless, the ceremony will be broadcasted to the entire world.

Although his life even after he died has become controversy, Michael Jackson contributes a lot to the world. His songs of equality, humanity, and charity had inspired a lot of people. Like in his song, let’s try to make a better place for all of us to live in.
As for me, I wanted to believe all the good things he has done. He inspired me too. He is the best musician I ever know. I don’t know he is a Moslem or not (which I hope he is), but if he is a Moslem. I wish and pray that he get the best place in God’s side. May Allah guide his way to the best place.
Rest in peace, Michael Jackson.

‘It is in my family on my father's side. I use make-up to even out the blotches. When people make up stories that I don't want to be who I am it hurts me...what about all the millions of people who sit out in the sun to become darker, to become other than what they are? No one says anything about that.’
-Michael Jackson-

Thursday, 28 May 2009


Wednesday, i just thought that i might be one of the finalist. and we were!
not nice technical meeting, well i knew Indonesians always late. but please dont make it as habit. you see....
next day, Thursday, we were ready with the presentation. we had to be ready today... and we were!
night, i asked prayer from anyone... hope we can do the best in friday!
friday, mbak pipit took the lottery, and we got number 6!!! perfect! always six! why not seven?
well.... very boring... but some people are fun. i like them all.
i got new friends, which is fun! i always like to have a lot of friends.
actually, the presentation went okay, minus the fact that mbak pipit unbelievably able to finish the presentation on-time! we were saved! not miss time!
but the nightmare had just begun! the question! i dont understand the question from judge 1!!! calming us down, the jury 2 was okay. i like you, sir!
then our presentation ended....
the next, Vaulla's team. in the middle of the presentation, the LIGHT OFF!!! I cant believe it! but the show must go on....!

after the presentation ended (all of them) we moved out, i thought we will go to wisma first, take a bath, and so on. MISS!!! we straight went to Bu Rina's pendopo! what a jerk! without taking a bath! i couldnt believe it! the result is: we doze off in there! i cant help myself yawning again and again.
at last, we went to wisma at 10 pm! i really should take a bath! we got same room with Vaulla, Dina, Zuli, Amalia, mbk Sisil, and (oh i forgot her name).
with little incident (i dont want to talk about it) we savely to the next day!

taking walk with everyone, we at last got breakfast (only with sun-side-up-egg). my!
then we joined the seminar, waiting for the result in the end of the day. guessed what? MISSED AGAIN!!!
the result has been delayed! JERK!!!
going home with heavy burden, sleepy, and so exhausted!
and we got nothing
hope it's paid off!

new update:
Wednesday, May 20th 2009.
the announcement for the winner. and we lost.
it's okay... i think i've enjoyed what we achieved before.
that's really okay.
everybody says we have to move on, cant cry on spilled milk over and over right?

Monday, 4 May 2009


Lomba debat sekarang udah selesai, tapi masih ada tugas lainnya yang menunggu. ini sungguh terlalu.....
lomba karya tulis yang deadline-nya tanggal 5 Mei, HARI INI!!!
tinggal melakukan segalanya, print, kopi, minta tanda tangan, jilid, tumpuk!

Ini sungguh pengalaman hidup yang mengharukan, sekaligus menyenangkan, sekaligus menyebalkan.

semoga karya tulisnya keterima, paling nggak juara III lah, ato nek ra yo juara I ku yo terima og.... Kalo keterima kan bisa pergi ke Jepang! yang jelas, q dan kawan-kawan akan terus berusaha untuk mencapai puncaknya! nothing can stop us! nothing!

Wednesday, 15 April 2009

Finally.... and Start debating!

fiuhh... everything is done for this mid smt test, BUT! debating is waiting. let's hit the hay....
eh...? well, anyway, i'm so pumped out! i will win!
my team will win! we have to win, actually! we have worked out so hard for this, and if it results only for nothing, i'm DAMNED!
cheer up for me!

Tuesday, 31 March 2009

Darren Shan #12-Sons of Destiny

I've read the last book of Darren Shan!
it's great! the ending in unpredicted! i never thought that darren shan would make it that way!
it's between good and bad. the good, that the goodness wins over evil, and bad, that darren shan died in the end of story.

the title should be Sons of Des Tiny actually. since Steve and Darren actually are the SONS of DESMOND TINY!!!
that's another shocking truth!

tales of the abyss goes to manga and anime!
that's great!
i really like Luke, and Guy too. but Asch--on my second playthrough i like him also. i can see that he's actually nice...
but but but! i like the ending. i hope the storyline isnt altered, i like that. the story is touching!

lastly, i hope the anime and manga goes to Indonesia soon!
really soon!


Monday, 30 March 2009

A lot of activities....

this month until next june i will be sooooo busy....
a lot of activities, competition, essay writing, exercise, expo... cant hardly breathe...
well i only hope that i will always have strength to do it.
at least i wont waver! i will not go down--same like Michael Heart's song!
never waver

well... anyway, i got good things too....
perhaps if i fail, i will try next year again and again....
wont go down so easy!
just you wait, try and see if you could make me fail!


Monday, 16 March 2009


kvetha fricaya!

finally i have n read the third cycle!
it's really amazing!
eragon acquire his new shadeslayer sword, yet, he has to lose another.
almost in the end of the book *SPOILER* oromis n glaedr died, they re killed by galbatorix, in order to get glaedr's eldunarì.
but too bad, glaedr have given it to eragon.

just keep fighting, eragon-finiarel.
everyone's on ur side!

keep the pace n write a wonderful book for the ending.
dont rush! take ur time!
atra du evarìnya ono varda, paolini-vodhr!

Friday, 13 February 2009


the third book of "Inheritance Chronicle", more story about Eragon, Saphira, and other!
this book made a new record in the first day of publishing in US.

this book hasnt been translated and published in Indonesia i think...
i really wait for this book, really really REALLY!

for the translator, keep fighting for translating, i know it's not easy...

published in "Zeitgeist" wallmagz-ed.02 UNS 2008/2009

published in "Zeitgeist" wallmagz-ed.01 UNS 2008/2009

Thursday, 12 February 2009

Drawing One ^_^

For many of us, February 14th isnt Valentine Day, it is REALLY INTERNATIONAL CHOCOLATE DAY!!!!
Eat chocolate as much as you like everyday!!!!
It's good for our heart n relaxing!


Wednesday, 11 February 2009

Japanese Winter

Japan is a winter paradise – cranes dancing in pristine powder snow, monkeys bathing in hot spring baths, local festivals spiced up with sake and rice vodka, World Heritage Site temples gleaming with ice and fantastic hot-pot cuisine.

The northern island of Hokkaido gets cold, very cold - with temperatures below zero for most of the winter – but nature has its own remedy in the form of hot spring baths. And, once seated around a table to eat in a traditional Japanese ryokan (hotel), with a thick kotatsu cover tucked over your legs, you will never have been snugger!

Hokkaido’s jewel in the crown is Furano, one of the best winter resorts in Asia with a fantastic variety of runs for skiing and snowboarding as well as numerous other activities including snowmobiling, cross-country skiing, dog sledding and ballooning…or you can just relax in the igloo bar.

Hokkaido is also a great place for nature lovers with wide snow-covered plains and serene lakes offering up glimpses of rare birds including the red-crowned crane, Steller’s sea eagle and whooper swans and, occasionally, the rather shy Blakiston’s fish owl. At Abashiri the sea usually freezes over at this time of year and an ice-breaker trip from this small port city offers a close up of the extreme winter conditions as well as more eagle spotting opportunities.

The broad parks of cosmopolitan Sapporo provide the perfect venue for an annual Snow Festival – sculptures of all shapes and sizes fill the city and ensure a carnival atmosphere. The festival started life as a training exercise for the under-worked Japanese self-defence force but has now become one of the biggest showcases of snow sculpture in the world.

Evenings on Hokkaido should be spent enjoying locally brewed beer and the speciality cuisine known simply as Genghis Kahn – a full-to-the-brim lamb grill named after the iconic Mongolian warrior!

On the main island of Honshu, winter is a great chance to see World Heritage sights such as Kyoto’s Golden Pavilion or the original Samurai castle of Himeji, without the crowds. Clearer skies at this time of year also ensure some fantastic views from Kyoto’s hillside Kiyomizu temple and you may even catch a glimpse of Mt. Fuji from the skyscrapers of Tokyo.
Deep in the mountains of Nagano the small village of Yudanaka is home not only to skiers and hot spring aficionados but also to the famous Japanese snow monkeys who like nothing better than to take a hot spring bath themselves. Properly known as Japanese Macaques, these hardy animals are the most northerly living monkeys in the world – but while the hot springs gush forth they are happy as can be!

Yoroshiku Onegaishimau-uh oh-onegaishimasu!!!

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