Monday, 6 July 2009

R. I. P. Michael Jackson

The death of Michael Jackson, King of Pop, remains a mystery. A lot of controversies he had when he was alive came along with his achievements in his music industry. On the day he died, June 25, until now people all over the world grief on his fate. How could this happen? It's only some months before his 'Come Back Concert' in London. His life had become controversy since he stepped on the entertainment world. His personal life didn't match up on his achievements in music. He had been committed crime of sexual harassment on children years ago (although the case couldn’t be proven up to now), his plastic surgery, his so-secret-personal-life for almost 10 years. Michael Jackson is a real legend.

The way he died became another problem rise on his death. People didn't believe he died of cardiac arrest. The autopsy said he died of overdose of painkiller. The media tend to give more additional seasoning on his death. Michael's relatives didn't give any comments to these problems, the custody of his three children, the loan he left ($23 million). His children had become problem to take care of.

According to his will, Michael demanded that his three children would go with his mother. But the L.A law said that they should go to their biological mother.
The other problem rise is the fact that he is a Moslem or not. The last comment by his brother, Jermaine Friday, a Moslem said, ‘May Allah guide his way’, tend to give the public assumption that Michael Jackson had become a Moslem. Moreover, a year ago came news said that Michael had become a Moslem and changed his name to Mikaeel and spotted in Bahrain using abaya (Moslem woman’s outfit).

This Tuesday, July 7, Michael would be buried in Staples Centre, Los Angeles, although in his will he wanted to be buried in Neverland—a land which was owned by Michael in St. Barbara. The supervisor has spread 11750 free tickets to the U.S citizen to watch the last ceremony for Michael Jackson. Nevertheless, the ceremony will be broadcasted to the entire world.

Although his life even after he died has become controversy, Michael Jackson contributes a lot to the world. His songs of equality, humanity, and charity had inspired a lot of people. Like in his song, let’s try to make a better place for all of us to live in.
As for me, I wanted to believe all the good things he has done. He inspired me too. He is the best musician I ever know. I don’t know he is a Moslem or not (which I hope he is), but if he is a Moslem. I wish and pray that he get the best place in God’s side. May Allah guide his way to the best place.
Rest in peace, Michael Jackson.

‘It is in my family on my father's side. I use make-up to even out the blotches. When people make up stories that I don't want to be who I am it hurts me...what about all the millions of people who sit out in the sun to become darker, to become other than what they are? No one says anything about that.’
-Michael Jackson-


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