Thursday, 28 May 2009


Wednesday, i just thought that i might be one of the finalist. and we were!
not nice technical meeting, well i knew Indonesians always late. but please dont make it as habit. you see....
next day, Thursday, we were ready with the presentation. we had to be ready today... and we were!
night, i asked prayer from anyone... hope we can do the best in friday!
friday, mbak pipit took the lottery, and we got number 6!!! perfect! always six! why not seven?
well.... very boring... but some people are fun. i like them all.
i got new friends, which is fun! i always like to have a lot of friends.
actually, the presentation went okay, minus the fact that mbak pipit unbelievably able to finish the presentation on-time! we were saved! not miss time!
but the nightmare had just begun! the question! i dont understand the question from judge 1!!! calming us down, the jury 2 was okay. i like you, sir!
then our presentation ended....
the next, Vaulla's team. in the middle of the presentation, the LIGHT OFF!!! I cant believe it! but the show must go on....!

after the presentation ended (all of them) we moved out, i thought we will go to wisma first, take a bath, and so on. MISS!!! we straight went to Bu Rina's pendopo! what a jerk! without taking a bath! i couldnt believe it! the result is: we doze off in there! i cant help myself yawning again and again.
at last, we went to wisma at 10 pm! i really should take a bath! we got same room with Vaulla, Dina, Zuli, Amalia, mbk Sisil, and (oh i forgot her name).
with little incident (i dont want to talk about it) we savely to the next day!

taking walk with everyone, we at last got breakfast (only with sun-side-up-egg). my!
then we joined the seminar, waiting for the result in the end of the day. guessed what? MISSED AGAIN!!!
the result has been delayed! JERK!!!
going home with heavy burden, sleepy, and so exhausted!
and we got nothing
hope it's paid off!

new update:
Wednesday, May 20th 2009.
the announcement for the winner. and we lost.
it's okay... i think i've enjoyed what we achieved before.
that's really okay.
everybody says we have to move on, cant cry on spilled milk over and over right?


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